IVF vs. Surrogacy: Which is the Better Option?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy are the alternate ways of having a kid and can be resorted when a couple is not able to conceive through natural means. The reasons for infertility may vary from person to person ranging from infertility issues in women and low sperm count in men, to blocked or damaged fallopian tubes and early menopause in women’s. With the advancement in technologies and methods for treatment there are various types of options available when it comes to infertility treatment . We can either go for surrogacy or IVF (in vitro fertilization) if you have been trying to conceive more than a year and you are left without a result. Surrogacy There are still some controversies going on about using a surrogate mother to have a baby for couples. This involves long and tricky legal procedure which varies from state to state. Even if it’s for fertility issues or for any other reasons surrogacy is an option for couples who are finding difficulty in co

Some tips to increase male fertility

The issues of couples unable to conceive is increasingly getting common in today’s scenario. Infertility in today’s era is defined as the inability to conceive even after regular intercourse. If the couple is finding difficulty in conceiving then they should sense that something is not going well. Where modern medicines and technologies are making their way out for providing solutions for assisting infertile couples in getting conceived complementary medicines also can help its own assistance in increasing male fertility and sperm count. Fertility in natural terms means an ability to produce offspring’s by natural means. Male infertility is defined as a man’s poor chance of making his female partner conceive, which usually depends upon the quality of sperm and sperm count. The following are the aspects which may affect men’s fertility: ·         Sperm count ·         Libido ·         Sperm motility ·         Testosterone levels What causes male infertility ?

What happens if infertility is caused by prescribed medicines?

Human body is an important vessel which we need to keep it in tip-top shape while considering a pregnancy. Mostly women’s are aware that sexually transmitted diseases, fibroids, over- weight, diabetes and thyroid problems may affect the pregnancy but very few are aware of the fact that certain prescription and medication also affect the pregnancy. “as the women’s menstrual cycle is overall controlled by the coding between brain, ovaries and uterus, any medication or health issues may disrupt the interaction and may affect the ovulation and make it difficult for a women to achieve a pregnancy. There are some medications which are required to treat certain level of infertility. Close consultation with the doctor is required when it comes to medications regarding your fertility treatment. Medicines or hormonal treatment are often the first step considered in fertility treatment. They are being used for IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION) and ART (ASSIST REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES)

Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre Delhi – A ray of hope for infertile couples

Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre is the leading IVF Clinic in Delhi which is located at South-Ex Part 1 in Delhi. This IVF Clinic Delhi becomes a ray of hope for all infertile couples in a shorter period by providing them the best fertility treatments which helped them in conceiving a baby. The fertility experts at Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre promise with themselves that they will fight against all type of infertility issues and wipe all the tears of infertile couples by fulfilling their dream of having their own baby. For this, they can go up to any limits and also they use the latest and advanced technologies in the field of fertility management to treat the causes of infertility. Why Infertility occurs? According to the fertility experts at Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre Delhi , infertility occurs due to change in lifestyles such as food habits, late marriages, increase pollution, infection etc. Infertility is not a disease it’s a disorder of hormon

How to find a best IVF clinic in Delhi, India?

Considering it to be a phenomenal increase in the awareness of IVF, it’s easy to locate doctors but I am sure it’s a tuff task for everybody to find the right IVF specialist. The following are the guidelines by which you can finalize the best IVF specialist or doctors around you: Reviews and success rates of the clinic : you can see the increase in IVF success rates in today’s era is mostly due to the use of new technologies and infrastructure. Hence the success rates of few doctors have been comparatively high as compare to others therefore before fixing up an appointment its always helpful for you to go through the reviews and take advice of medical experts. Location: IVF treatment requires patients to visit the clinic 5-6 times over a period of 3-4 weeks. So the location of the clinic plays an important role, choose location of your clinic in such a way that you need not go through a never ending traffic. Finance : since IV

Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre Delhi – Help infertile couple in creating families

  Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre is a best and leading clinic in Delhi, which delivers the best possible outcome for the infertile couple and also helps them to fight against the cause of infertility with which they are dealing from a long time. The fertility experts of this IVF Centre Delhi is highly qualified and done various training in the field of infertility and now with the help of these training, they can treat any kind of infertility issues. In past few years, the Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre had treated thousands of rare and complex cases of infertility and they have achieved the highest success rate for taking the baby home as compared to other IVF Clinic Delhi , India.  The Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre also have the well- educated and highly skilled team of embryologists who knows at what time the developing embryo need to be transferred into the uterus of women in order to achieve the successful pregna